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Turkey’s most important Merter is located in the most strategic point where the textile Merter Mall; It offers the AVM concept of wholesale clothing in textiles with 7 floors of wholesale stores, 2 floors of which are warehouses.
Merten began operations in September 2018. AVM, professional management, making innovative and modern architecture with the concept of trade in the wholesale apparel sales in the world and home to many textile manufacturers in Turkey. Merter Shopping Center, which is established on an area of 20 thousand square meters, meets the needs of its customers from all over the world under a single roof with its nearly 200 stores, 1 cafe restaurant, 1 exchange office, car park located nearby

It is located at a 5 km distance to Ataturk Airport and a parking garage next to Merter Shopping Center.
Starting with the motto of “The New Address of Wholesale Clothing”, Merter AVM; Turkey with nearly 20 countries from the global textile wholesalers and investors brought together at one point.